Learnership Management System

The Four-Step Outline

The four-step outline is a simple and effective outline form.

Step One

Tell your listeners what you’re going to present to them. Include in this first step information such as:

    • the topics you will cover,
    • topics you won’t cover,
    • time limits,
    • visuals you will use
    • the role of the listeners’
    • roles in questioning
    • participation expected

Step Two

Tell listeners why they should listen.

• What’s in it for them?
• What are the benefits for listening?
• Will listening improve understanding, make-work easier, or relieve stress?
• Personalize this second step.

Step Three

Tell your message. This third step is the body of the presentation. Include:

    • facts,
    • arguments,
    • details.

This is where you build your case and present your ideas.

Step Four

Tell what you told them.

• Recall the most important points you made.
• Review just the most important points.
• Conclude your presentation with an action statement.
• Suggest a course of action based on the conclusion of your speech.