Learnership Management System


Learnership Tracking System South Africa

Learnership Tracking System South Africa

Tracking students and graduates is extremely important for universities who wish to provide a high quality education to an increasingly diverse student population. Procedures for assessing progress and success of students during their study, towards employment or further qualification, help to understand the impact of study programmes, their relevance for the labour market, and thus generate the necessary information for systematic improvement of courses and support services.

As apprenticeships and vocational courses become increasingly popular, the need for training providers to ensure that they are suitably tracking and managing learners is essential. To track learner progression, we created PLUMS – Learnership Tracking System , dedicated software designed to help providers stay on top of trainers, and for colleges and educational bodies to ensure they are aware of a learner’s status throughout their time in education.
Tracking learner progression is essential to ensure learners are suitably guided in their efforts to gain qualifications. Our PLUMS – Learnership Tracking System software allows a learner’s progression to be monitored against a series of milestones, enabling trainers to focus on specific sectors that a learner may require assistance with. Through tracking learner progression it is possible to guide learners throughout their studies, ensure they maximise their learning potential and are suitably prepared to enter the work place upon the end of their studies.

See www.learnershiptracking.co.za