Learnership Management System

Questions to ask before preparation

Who’s is your audience?

Every book on communication will tell you that there has to be a sender of the message, but if no one’s listen there is
no communication happening.

It’s up to you, the speaker/presenter, to ensure that your audience is listening. That’s why we place a great deal of importance on analysing your audience before you start preparing your speech or presentation.

Questions to ask before preparation
i. Why should this audience be interested in what I have to say?
ii. What is their motivation?
iii. Are they looking forward to hearing me or is attendance compulsory for them?
iv. What is their opinion of me? Will I have to change their opinion through my performance?
v. What is their opinion of the subject of my speech or presentation?
vi. Do they all think alike?
vii. Will I have to win some over?
viii. What is the prevailing mood of my audience?
(This question needs to be asked again on the day of your speech or presentation. Listen to the news. Keep your finger on the pulse of the people. You can’t ignore disasters.)
ix. How important is my presentation to decision making?
x. What do they expect from me?
xi. What do I expect from them in the way of response or action?