Learnership Management System

Moderator Course ETDP SETA 11055

Conduct Moderation is a followup course of the Assessors course. Learners must complete the Assessors course first before they can enroll for the moderators course. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 Short name: SETA Accredited Conduct Moderation. Full description: 115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments. SETA Accredited: Yes, ETDP SETA NQF Accredited ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 Note: Any person who wants to offer their services as an accredited individual, company or a training provider can only do so with a valid SOR (Statement of Results) from the ETDP SETA. No other document/certificate can be used, even if it reflects the same unit standard. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 Those who have achieved this unit standard will be able to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements. The candidate-moderator will be able to use the prescribed Quality Assurance procedures in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner that is free of all bias and discrimination, paying particular attention to the three groups targeted for redress: race, gender and disability. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 Learners are required to apply skills and knowledge obtained on the course in the workplace. As learners apply these skills, they produce evidence, which needs to be compiled into a portfolio of evidence (POE). This POE is submitted to Trainyoucan for assessment. Learners will receive a workbook and portfolio guide, which will guide them through the process. Any additional resources required will be provided by Trainyoucan to the learner, free of charge. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 It is imperative that the skills development officer and/or employer is aware that NO candidate can undergo moderator training without being a qualified assessor in possession of an ETDP SETA statement of result and with assessment experience in their field of expertise. This course is designed to prepare you for a variety of challenges to be faced when dealing with learners in a school or the workplace environment. Knowing how to handle difficult situations objectively, and with tact, is as important as being knowledgeable about the training and development of workplace skills. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network