Learnership Management System

CETA Discretionary Grant Opportunities for the Construction Sector 2013/2014

Discretionary Grant Opportunities for the Construction Sector 2013/2014


1. Please read this form carefully for guidance on the relevant parts or aspects to complete.
2. All applicants for CETA Discretionary funding must complete relevant parts of this form.
3. This form must be completed online and submitted, it will remain open and accessible until 11.am the 18th of March 2014. Required Annexures must be completed, signed and scanned in.
4. In all cases the relevant trade union or staff representative body, where such exists, must be involved in this project application.
5. Applicants are urged to please refer to the following documents to ensure absolute adherence to the compliance requirements and submission of the required information and documents: Click to download – CETA Discretionary Grant Funding Criteria, CETA 2013/2014 Strategic Plan
6. Where the application is made jointly by two or more entities:
– Each entity must complete Sections A and B.
– The relevant contractual agreement between/among the entities must be provided and labelled Annexure 1.
– A letter, labelled Annexure 2, and signed by all the entities, must indicate the primary entity to sign all documents pertaining to this application.
7. A Project bank account will be required to be established for each Project.