Learnership Management System

How secure is our product?

Our product runs on what platform?

The core of our service runs on a product called “WordPress” written in .PHP code that make use of secure hosting and MSQL databases. One of every 6 websites on the Internet runs on WordPress, nearly 60 million in all, with 100,000 more popping up each day.

How secure is our product?

WordPress is very secure, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. WordPress core is an open source software which means its source code is available online for anyone to study and find security loopholes. Our tracking tool is an extension of WordPress Core that was specifically developed around our needs.

Our sites runs in addition to wordpress the following security add-on’s:

  • Brute-Force attacks.
  • Doss-attacks.
  • Secure login attempts.
  • Malware protection.
  • User activity statistics.
  • Event activity reporting.
  • Daily backup systems.
  • Lock down by IP and Country enabled.
  • NO installed themes.

Is our product actively supported?

Currently we running more than 2400 wordpress sites on both level 1 & 2 domains with more than 18 000 active users with different servers based in South Africa. All Learnership Tracking Tool sites are actively hosted by domains.co.za in South Africa in Johannesburg.

The addition of Learnership Tracking Tool plugin is actively maintained by one local and two international developers as our first level support. All second level support will be maintained through a locally hosted helpdesk in South Africa at www.help.trainyoucan.co.za (Active partner in this project).

Our partner training company in South Africa and its staff however do not have any access to back-end of Learnership Tracking Tool feature, except for:

  • General support to providers through our demo site. (General queries)
  • Training of new users on the product.
  • Shared accounting helpdesk for activation and invoicing.

Types of Learnership Tracking Tool products?

Currently we offering two different types of Learnership Tracking Tool products:


  • Ideal for smaller training companies with less than 100 learners.
  • Very secure interface and access limited to one secure login per provider


  • Ideal for larger training companies with more than 100 learners.
  • Save secure interface as the shared hosting.
  • Available on secondary domains with own unique server pools.
  • All files and hosting is limited to one provider.

Leaders in Learnership Tracking