Learnership Management System

Who is responsible for employee training and development?

Employee training is the responsibility of the organization. Employee development is a shared responsibility of management and the individual employee. The responsibility of management is to provide the right resources and an environment that supports the growth and development needs of the individual employee.

For employee training and development to be successful, management should:

    *Provide a well-crafted job description – it is the foundation upon which employee training and development activities are built
    *Provide training required by employees to meet the basic competencies for the job. This is usually the supervisor’s responsibility
    *Develop a good understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities that the organization will need in the future. What are the long-term goals of the organization and what are the implications of these goals for employee development? Share this knowledge with staff
    *Look for learning opportunities in every-day activity. Was there an incident with a client that everyone could learn from? Is there a new government report with implications for the organization?
    *Explain the employee development process and encourage staff to develop individual development plans
    *Support staff when they identify learning activities that make them an asset to your organization both now and in the future

For employee development to be a success, the individual employee should:

    *Look for learning opportunities in everyday activities
    *Identify goals and activities for development and prepare an individual development plan