Learnership Management System

The Delegating Process

Take the time to plan how you’re going to present the assignment, including your requirements, parameters, authority level, checkpoints, and expectations.

It’s a good idea to write down these items and give a copy to your delegate to minimize miscommunication.

Think about how the ETD practitioner will react. You may think you’re doing a great thing by delegating the coaching assignment to this person, but will he or she see it the same way?

It’s easy to assume the practitioner knows and understands your motivation, but quite often, the practitioner perceives that advantage is being taken instead.

To prevent this, identify the benefits to the practitioner and be sure to communicate these benefits clearly.

When you sit down with your practitioner to delegate the coaching assignment, follow the seven steps described below.

How to Delegate the Coaching Task

 Give an overview of the assignment
 Explain the coaching assignment in detail
 Alleviate the new ETD practitioner’s concerns
 Solicit input from the chosen ETD practitioner
 Ask for commitment
 Arrange for follow-up
 Define the resulting reward and recognition for successful task completion