Learnership Management System

Skilled managers

Line managers need to have the necessary skills to work with staff and volunteers to help them identify their training needs and the knowledge about how to meet them.

Having managers with the core competencies to carry out a training needs analysis of their team is partly about recruiting managers with those competencies and partly about supporting your managers to develop these skills, including providing training for them.

The core competencies for a number of roles in third sector organisations, including leaders and managers, are outlined in our National Occupational Standards guides. These set out the competencies that people need to have to be able to do their jobs well and the additional skills they can develop to progress their career.

The National Occupational Standards for managers and leaders have information about the competencies that good managers should have. You can use these to write job descriptions and guide annual appraisals for your managers. They can also guide your managers about the things they can do to support learning within their teams, particularly the unit on Providing learning opportunities for colleagues.

If senior management and line managers can appreciate and become enthusiastic about the value of learning and development for both themselves and others, this sets the tone for the organisations.