Learnership Management System

Selecting a suitable coach

Selecting the right person to do the coaching is critical. You might be in a position where you are responsible for selecting and developing a coach in your department.

The task seems simple enough: We’ll just choose a person who’s been around the longest, who does the job the best, or who has the extra time. Problem solved. Wrong!

Selecting the right coach is integral to the success of the education, training and development process and should never be done thoughtlessly. Not everyone is cut out to be ETD practitioners which includes being a coach/ETD practitioner, and smart selection requires careful assessment of well-considered criteria.

What to look for in a coach:

 Job competence
 Good communication skills
 Professionalism
 Good interpersonal skills
 Well-developed time management and organizing skills
 Patience and flexibility
 Innovation and initiative
 Team spirit

Although good ETD practitioners and coaches can be developed, certain competencies should be prerequisites to their coaching skill development

 Evaluate your choice by answering the following questions

Does this employee …

 Communicate well by organizing thoughts, choosing appropriate words, and speaking clearly and distinctly?
 Practice good time management by completing assignments on time, organizing duties logically, breaking projects down into tasks and subtasks, and so on?
 Get along well with others at all levels?
 Exemplify in both manner and appearance those qualities you want others to emulate?
 Know the job, perform well above average, and meet or exceed job standards and expectations?
 Exercise patience and self-control even when things are not going well?
 Look for ways to improve the job and seek opportunities to assume more responsibility?
 Welcome new ideas and regard change positively?
 Display non-arrogant confidence in his or her own ability to do the job?
 Support the philosophy and goals of the organization and department?
 Practice as well as believe in teamwork?
 Demonstrate a willingness to help others even if “it’s not my job?”

If you can answer yes to at least nine of these 12 questions, you have identified a person who should do well as a coach. If you scored the candidate lower than nine, take a look at the questions to which you answered no and identify ways to help this person improve.