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Positive and negative feelings about editing

Students can experience a range of feelings as they approach the task of editing their thesis. For some, editing can feel like a negative experience, after the relatively creative and positive process of writing:

    *Perhaps you have already spent such a lot of effort writing, that it feels impossible to improve on what you’ve done, even though you know it probably does need improving.
    *Perhaps you face the task of reducing the total number of words by 30%, and can’t see how you can do this without losing crucial material.
    *Perhaps you are tired of looking at your writing, and the thought of studying it again closely for the editing process makes you want to run away.

For others, editing can feel more positive than writing, because they know that this is a stage where they can really raise the standard of their work. Some positive points about editing are:

    *If you are thinking about editing your work, it means that you must already have written something reasonably substantial.
    *Editing tends to be a highly constructive process. Every single useful change you make is a guaranteed step towards improving the quality of your thesis.
    *It tends to be much easier to criticise and improve on your writing, than it was to produce the writing in the first place.
    *It can therefore be relatively quick to produce significant improvements within the editing stage.