Learnership Management System

Overcoming Obstacles to Great Customer Service

While most situations that affect customer communications aren’t as dramatic, on-the-job obstacles and personal issues do tend to reduce our enthusiasm for delivering consistent exceptional service. And it’s critical to process these obstacles and issues in real time.

This can’t-miss keynote address is for managers and staff who understand that handling challenges in a healthy way is a major key to setting themselves apart from the competition. We’ll share with your audience five powerful points for processing difficult situations while still remaining productive:

    Defining Your Dreams—planning and achieving personal goals
    Deviations In The Plan—“10 survival skills” to overcoming unforeseen obstacles
    Drawing Out Your Best—discovering your potential to “rally” in tough times
    Driving On!—maintaining your passion for your customer for the long haul
    Daring To Do It Again—finishing in victory and reaching for the next level