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It Killed the Cat Training Icebreaker


This is a very quick icebreaker that should take up just 5 minutes.


Intended for:

This is a lighthearted icebreaker exercise that breaks the ice at the beginning of an event or training session. It is simple to set up and apply.



You can download a one sheet set of instructions for the icebreaker, ‘It Killed the Cat’ from the link at the bottom of this page, or just follow the notes below.


Prior to your session, place the following on a slide or flipchart


Leave the flipchart or slide up whilst participants are entering the room. Do not refer to it until someone asks what it means.

Advise them that the letters stand for ‘Your Curiosity Has Just Cost You Five Hundred Pounds’ and state that had they not asked, it would have been you that paid them.

This is really just a lighthearted exercise to set the tone for an event.

If you are feeling brave and know your audience, you could adapt the letters, remove the ‘win £500′ and collect some money for your local charity.


Use the icebreaker to introduce a topic from a training session i.e. WWTTCWWARTBP, ‘When We Talk To Customers We Will Always Remember To Be Polite’. Of course it is unlikely that the participants will remember the letters, but the idea is to provoke conversation and interest.


Keep the tone light; this is a fun competition. Laugh and play with humorous comments from participants.



Use this icebreaker to set a lighhearted tone to a session and warm the audience. Variations can provoke interest in the training topic and even earn money for charity!