Learnership Management System

Devise Activities and Other Input

Having considered the needs of the participants, the learning objectives, the content, and the most appropriate learning methods, the planning group is now ready to devise activities and other types of input that will reflect this planning. Topic 4 provides detailed descriptions of a number of participatory training techniques; Topic 5 deals with introductory activities, ice-breakers, and quick review methods; and Topic 9 covers the issue of feedback and evaluation. All three topics provide important material that the planning group may use in devising activities.


1. Is the atmosphere of your session friendly and encouraging?

2. Have you made plans to relieve any anxieties that the participants may feel?

3. Will your teaching methods allow learners’ previous experience to be acknowledged or used?

4. Will learners be rewarded for their contributions?

5. Does the work allow participants to measure their own progress?

6. Do you make it clear that you are available for additional help if individuals have difficulties?

7. Are the first few minutes of your session always attention-grabbing?

8. Do you build in frequent opportunities for reinforcement and practice?

9. Are you avoiding lectures or at least limiting them to 10-20 minutes?

10. Have you built in regular feedback sessions?