Learnership Management System

Designing the Training Programme

The design of a training programme requires a team approach. For Cleaner Production
Investment we need the guidance and advice of three groups of people.

1 Subject Experts
– Cleaner Production expert, who may also be one of the instructors.
– An expert in investment proposals and funding of projects.

2 Participant Representatives
– A representative of the organisation for whom the training is being developed to advise on the participant profile and needs.
– A future participant of the training, to give the view of needs from the employee viewpoint and learning preferences.

3 Training Experts
– A training programme designer, to shape the needs into learning experience.
– A training administrator to advise on timing, accommodation and facilities.

In our programmes certain of these roles may be combined.

This team must:
1. Establish the participants training needs.
2. Set the training objectives.
3. Design the appropriate programme, what we call the macro design.
4. Design and write individual modules or sessions within the programme, the micro designs.
5. Determine the performance criteria by which the success of the training will be measured.

We will look at each of these five stages. Reference will be made to the appendices in the Guide. These are examples and checklists to help members of the team in their different roles.